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Cubs re-sign Patterson and Farnsworth
2005-01-18 14:28
by alex ciepley

At least, that's what Rotoworld tells me. No money details yet, though.

If true, the Cubs avoid arbitration with both players. Of course, you can expect the Cubs to avoid arbitration with all of their players, something that's become a matter of course for them.

Update - 7:30 PM ET Corey Patterson signed for $2.8M, and Farnsworth signed for $1.975M. Earlier this offseason I guessed on some figures for both. I was dead on with Farnsworth, but missed by a wide margin with Patterson, undershooting him by over a million.

Patterson's deal still seems reasonable. If he can continue to work on his plate discipline--and yes, he did make some progress last year--he could end up being a little bargain.

Farnsworth, obviously, I'm less psyched about. But I'm not surprised at the raise, either.

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