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Cubs sign Williamson
2005-01-18 14:30
by alex ciepley

The Cubs have signed reliever Scott Williamson to a minor-league deal, according to reports. Again, more details to follow.

Update - 9:15 PM ET From

Williamson's contract will pay him the minimum in 2005, and if he is activated, it will increase to $500,000. There is a $2 million club option for 2006.
Like with the Dempster deal, the Cubs hold the cards as they wait for a pitcher to recuperate. I think this is a fine deal, though I probably don't like it nearly as much as many of the pundits will. If Williamson can return to being Scott Williamson, reliever superstar, then $2M is a great price. If he's just okay in 2006, though, then you're paying yet another reliever a couple million bucks to be... okay. Still, an interesting deal.

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