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2005 Payroll (In Progress)
2005-01-19 06:31
by alex ciepley

This is a work in progress, since not all the numbers are final. Carlos Zambrano and Aramis Ramirez have exchanged arbitration figures with the Cubs, so until their situations are resolved I've simply split the difference in the offers.

I'm also unsure of the details of Barrett's contract, and imagine that the yearly salaries in his 3-year, $12M contract aren't static but get progressively larger. Until I know, though, I've slapped him down for $4M in 2005.

Remember, all of these figures are before performance bonuses. And the Cubs gave their players quite a few of those, so some big surcharges might get added to the final bill pretty quickly.

Drop a note in the comments if you have updates or corrections.

1. Wood 8.500
2. Prior 2.500
3. Zambrano 3.650
4. Maddux 9.000
5. Rusch 2.000
TOTAL $25.650
No complaints here. Given the talent in the rotation, the price doesn't look bad at all. After all, Roger Clemens just asked for $22M for his lone contributions to the Houston rotation.

Prior, Zambrano, and Rusch are, combined, making less than Eric Milton will average each year of his shiny new Reds contract.

1. Hawkins 3.500
2. Borowski 2.300
3. Remlinger 3.800
4. Dempster 2.000
5. Farnsworth 1.975
6. Randolph .323
7. Leicester .316
TOTAL $14.214
Spots 6 and 7 are up for grabs. The Cubs really should try to shed some payroll here. Todd Wellemeyer, Michael Wuertz, Sergio Mitre, and Will Ohman are probably each capable of performing (at least) as well as the non-Hawkins names on this list, and all of them could be doing it for the minimum of $316K. Money not-so-well spent.
C: Barrett 4.000
1B: Lee 7.000
2B: Walker 2.500
SS: Garciaparra 8.000
3B: Ramirez 9.125
LF: DuBois .316
CF: Patterson 2.800
RF: Sosa 17.000
TOTAL $50.741
I think the final numbers for both Barrett and Ramirez will be a bit lower. Ramirez may sign a one-year deal around this figure of $9M, but I bet if the Cubs can give him a 3- or 4-year deal, he'll play for a touch less that $9M in 2005.
1. Perez 1.000
2. Macias .825
3. Hollandsworth .900
4. Blanco 1.200
5. Kelton .316
TOTAL $4.241
David Kelton, come on down! You're contestant number 25! As of right now, Kelton would have to be the favorite for the last spot on the bench... and I guess he would also be the backup centerfielder. Or would Macias fill that role? Either way, it ain't too pretty.

How bad is this bench? I'd run some numbers, but I think I'd get too depressed.

Williamson .316
Cedeno ~ 1.000
TOTAL $1.316
These guys count, too. Minor league dudes get at least $52,600 for being on the 40-man, though some will get a bit more when they pop up in the majors throughout the season (this page gives a bit of info, though it still doesn't answer all of the questions I have on this issue). Scott Williamson will get at least $316,000 next year, and that can be boosted to $.5M if he pitches with the team.
Grudzielanek .250
Alou 2.500
TOTAL $2.750
Different teams treat their buyouts differently in relation to their payrolls, but to be safe I'm including these numbers in the grand total.

Speaking of...

GRAND TOTAL:    $98.912M
That's a lot of money, and not much wiggle room if they want to stay around $100M for their total payroll.

Think the Cubs can get Magglio signed for $1.088M?

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