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Defining "Tiresome"
2005-01-26 07:39
by alex ciepley

In the wake of the Carlos Delgado deal with the Marlins, the Chicago papers are hopped up on Sammy stories. Everyone's speculating that the Mets, losers in the Delgado hunt, will now be more active in pursuing a Floyd-Sosa swap.

Bruce Miles points out that the Mets have other avenues they can consider if they still want another big bopper:

It's interesting to note that as good friends as Sosa and Minaya are purported to be, Minaya has chased several free agents ahead of trying to trade for Sosa this winter. His biggest catches were pitcher Pedro Martinez and center fielder Carlos Beltran.

It's even possible now that Minaya will get into the hunt for Ordonez, and that when everything settles Sosa could end up not going anywhere.

The Tribune has its obligatory Delgado-to-Marlins, Sosa-to-Mets bit, courtesy of Dave van Dyck. Jeff Vorva at the Daily Southtown has a similar take.

The Sun-Times, though, takes the cake, with one... two... three stories on Sosa today. You got the domino-effect column, here. The notes column, here. And the Sun-Times is so out of control today that Ron Rapoport actually has a Sammy-centered letters column about a Sammy-centered monologue he gave a few days ago.

So yes, three months into the offseason, and it's still All Sammy. Pretty tiresome. It's been none too exciting an offseason for Cubs fans.

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