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Know Your Enemy 2005 - Week 4
2005-05-02 08:48
by Derek Smart

I don't comment on the Cubs' week in these pieces because they're supposed to be about the other teams in the division, but after this week I have to make note of something: the Cubs have been the most consistent team in the Central from week to week - always finding a way so far to go 3-3 - and the way the schedule is structured they could continue this trend for the next two weeks before the placement of off-days makes such a feat impossible.

I don't know about any of you, but I, for one, am sick of consistency of this type, and look forward to the day when I can refrain from commenting on an extended and consistent string of Cub victories. But enough wallowing in my own crapitude. On to the enemy!

  1. St. Louis Cardinals

    Season Record15-8
    Week's Record3-3
    Games Back--

    A less than stellar week from the Redbirds in what has been a less than stellar season thus far, despite the fine record. That's what's scary: a .652 winning percentage is tough enough to overcome without the team sporting it being a long way from playing its best ball.

  2. Milwaukee Brewers

    Season Record11-13
    Week's Record4-2
    Games Back4.5

    Lyle Overbay may get stitches on his chin every week. You would too if your hitting line directly afterwards was .818/.857/1.909/2.766! Granted, that's only 14 PA's, but getting nine hits, including 3 doubles, 3 homers, and 3 walks would be dandy work in double the chances.

  3. Houston Astros

    Season Record10-13
    Week's Record2-3
    Games Back5.0

    The problem isn't so much that they scored 17.2% of their tallies on the season in the last two games against the Cubs, it's that the percentage represents a mere 16 runs. Houston fans are hoping that the Astros' ability to capitalize on the meatballs their rivals' so generously served carries beyond this past weekend's festivities.

  4. Cincinnati Reds

    Season Record10-14
    Week's Record1-5
    Games Back5.5

    Live by the sword, die by the sword. The Reds came into the week 6-2 in one-run games, and then managed to kick three of them in a row. Funny how those things even out.

  5. Pittsburgh Pirates

    Season Record6-12
    Week's Record2-3
    Games Back7.0

    Saved from having the worst record in the NL by the Rockies stunning ineptitude, they remain bad, and their offense is worse. Just to put their hitting woes in perspective: give this club the Marlins pitching staff, and they're still only a .500 team.

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