Baseball Toaster Cub Town
2005-02-03 06:39
by alex ciepley

Turns out I'm exactly as dumb as I thought I was. Those PECOTA numbers in yesterday's article do seem to factor in the player's parks, inflating and deflating numbers accordingly. I first noticed this when reading through Joe Sheehan's great article on Sosa and Dusty and the Cubs in BP. Reader Shawn then passed along an email to me with the correct data, showing the equivalent OBP and SLG numbers that PECOTA projects:

               EqOBP EqSLG
Alou 343 460
Sosa 349 513

Burnitz 327 483
Dubois 342 485
Hairston 352 383
Hollandsworth 336 449
Oh well. The one glimmer of hope I was holding onto--that PECOTA seemed to think Burnitz wasn't all that bad--turned out to be a mirage. Desert oasis, meet sand. Cubs outfield, meet dung heap.

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