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Ramirez and Zambrano Sign
2005-02-04 14:09
by Derek Smart

The last two Cubs without contracts signed on the dotted line today, with Aramis Ramirez and Carlos Zambrano each agreeing to one-year deals. Zambrano comes in at 3.76M while Ramirez got $8.95M.

Big props to Alex for nearly predicting their salaries exactly a couple of weeks ago. He had Zambrano at $3.65 and Ramirez at $9.125 for a total of $12.775M between them. The actual total of their contracts is $12.71M. Carnac Lives!

The deals themselves are perfectly reasonable, and there's not much more to say about them, beyond mentioning that Ramirez' contract will likely be torn up before the season starts in favor of a multi-year deal. It's Wood and Lee all over again on this one.

On an interesting side note, especially in light of my last post, the Cubs signed Dave Hansen to a minor league deal today. When I talk about getting good players for the bench Hansen's the type of guy I mean. There's no question his game is flawed, that's why he's not a starter, but he has a very specific and useful skillset at the plate that gives him value.

In his case, he does a nice job of getting on base and doesn't strike out a ton, which can be valuable if the pitcher's spot comes up in the middle of a rally. I'd be more excited about this if I knew where he fit in (Yeah, he fits in where Jose Macias goes, but Macias has a Major League contract, doncha know!), but if the club makes room on the 40-man (I'm lookin' at you, Kyle Farnsworth!), and they decide to go with eleven pitchers, he has a great shot at making the team, and I'll definitely be rooting for him.

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