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2005-02-15 08:34
by Derek Smart

Buried deep within Fred Mitchell's "Around Town" column in today's Trib is this unfortunate snippet:

The Cubs, who have been trying to pry away Orioles closer Jorge Julio all winter, continue to covet him. Baltimore would not accept Kyle Farnsworth, who wound up being dealt to Detroit last week.

The Cubs are coveting who? Behind whose barn?!?

If the Orioles were unwilling to exchange fireballing, walk and homer-prone nutbars, what would they be willing to accept to make a deal? I have no idea, but I have a hard time coming up with an answer I'd like, and unfortunately, if Barrett and Burnitz are any indication, when Jim Hendry gets a player stuck in his head, he doesn't stop until he gets 'em.

Be afraid, my friends. Be very afraid.

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