Baseball Toaster Cub Town
2005-02-18 09:41
by alex ciepley


“It’s the first day and I heard the word ‘fundamentals’ about 30 times,” Cubs pitcher Kerry Wood said.
Isn’t this the spring training refrain? It’s official song? Don’t ghost authors everywhere scramble every February to sign some Wendell Kimish coach to write Fundamentals and Spring Training: Why This Year is Different?

It would, of course, actually behoove the Cubbies to pay attention during this year’s rites of spring. 2004 was the year of the baserunning blunder, the missed sign, the throw to the wrong base.

Perhaps Cubbies Past confused the words “fundamental” and “fundament”. We certainly watched our share of ass plays last year. Here’s hoping that with 30 reps of the word a day, the true definition takes hold. It would be nice to see an opposing runner stop at first for a change, rather than gliding into second on yet another ill-advised throw to the plate.

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