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"Spring" Training
2005-02-21 08:48
by alex ciepley

The weather in New York isn’t cooperating with the beginning of the baseball season. Last night it snowed. Snowed! It feels like some sort of punishment to be in a winter wonderland while the baseball boys are doing wind sprints.

Does anyone else hold their breath when checking baseball news updates during this period of spring training? While I’m eager to finally get information about players actually playing, I also get a tingly sense of dread, worried that ESPN or rotowire will have some dastardly note about Prior’s heel or Zambrano’s arm.

So far, so good. No injuries or scary rumors. In fact, there are good reports about both Joe Borowski and Mike Remlinger. Dusty Baker explains, “[Borowski]’s better now than at any point we saw him last year”. And on Remlinger: “He’s way ahead of where he was last year at this time.”

A return to good health by both players would greatly ease the mind of Cub fans who are anticipating Armageddon II with this year’s bullpen. A Borowski comeback would be especially sweet. I’d written him off—pretty much permanently—but haven’t forgotten how excellent he was when healthy. JoBo has shown a lot of determination throughout his career, and hopefully can find a way to help the team once more.

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