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Deep Meta
2005-02-28 07:21
by Derek Smart

Thanks to the BTF Newsblog, I ran across Vincent Galloro’s interview of Daily Herald Sox beat writer, Scot Gregor, and Tribune Cub beat writer, Paul Sullivan, in the Chicago Sports Review. It gives a nice feel for how these two writers go about their business, so check it out.

The thing of particular interest to me were the questions that Galloro asked about the impact of the internet and statistical analysis on their work: Gregor seems open to it, Sullivan - not so much. Here’s a snippet from Sullivan on bloggers (which I’m re-culling from both the interview and BTF):

Some of these people are downright nuts. No offense to you, but everyone with a PC and a printer believes they’re a writer. That’s the worst aspect of the Internet Age — everyone has something to say and a blog to say it in.

I’d respond, but I have to change out of my pajamas, polish my tinfoil hat, and refill my Thorazine prescription, so I just don’t have the time.

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