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Super-Size Wrigley
2005-03-01 17:20
by alex ciepley

The Cubs have done a remarkably good job of squeezing all the money they can out of Wrigley Field, based on the circumstances. Wrigley is a beautiful park, but it’s also old and small, and based on capacity alone it would be understandable if the Cubs saw it as a liability.

But those wicked crazy Cubs fans don’t care about spotty loos and falling bricks—heckaroo, this team can even get away with scalping their own tickets. Cubs fans keep on paying big bucks for seats, and if current plans meet with the final approvals, fans will have a few more seats to choose from:

After four years of negotiations, the team and the city agreed on a plan to add 1,790 seats to Wrigley Field, the National League’s oldest ballpark.

Officials said construction of the additions is expected to begin after the 2005 season and be completed in time for Opening Day 2006.

The plan to expand the bleachers calls for the Cubs to pay the city $3.1 million up front while also contributing about $250,000 toward a park at a local school. The team also will fund a $400,000 traffic signal system at an intersection that borders the northern boundary of Wrigley Field.

That $3.75M total in fees in donations got you down? It shouldn’t: the Cubs would only need to charge about 26 bucks a seat to make up that part of the expenses in one year. And do you really think those tickets would only cost $26?

As long as the profits go to making the product on the field better, I’ve no problems with Wrigley expansion. Then again, I rarely get to Chicago and have less romantic attachment to the ballpark than many Cubs fans. What do the bleacher bums make of this news?

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