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Ewww, Just.....Ewww
2005-05-17 14:21
by Derek Smart

As if concrete elbows and lead gloves weren't enough to get you down, Ronny Cedeno, who has played admirably when given the chance, was sent down today to make room for...Enrique Wilson?!?

Leave it to the Cubs to sign one of the few infielders out there who deserves to be a back up to Neifi! Don't get me wrong, if Cedeno isn't going to start every day, finding a way to get him down to Iowa where he could play was critical to his development, but that doesn't mean I have to be happy about the team managing to find a guy who makes Jose Macias look like a viable Major Leaguer.

2005-05-17 14:54:14
1.   Eric S
The talent gap b/n the Cubs and the Cards seems to widen every day. Cards lose Roland and stick Mabry at 3B... who immediately goes on a tear. Cubs lose Ramirez and stick in Macias ... who continues to his craptastik ways. I can't believe the Cubs can't find a better back-up 3b/1b than Macias/Enrique Wilson.

For shame, Mr. Hendry, for shame.

2005-05-17 16:00:22
2.   Cliff Corcoran
My condolences.

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