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The Hits Keep On Coming
2005-05-27 18:58
by Derek Smart

I'd like to revel in today's 10-3 victory over the Rockies, where the bats which had so long been silent decided to make a joyful noise, but as you likely are well aware by now, Mark Prior went down after taking a rifle shot off his right elbow, forcing him out of the game in the fourth, and I just can't celebrate much while yet another injury casts its ugly shadow over the proceedings.

Initial news has been encouraging, saying that x-rays came back negative. However, as I had the Yankees/Red Sox tilt on in the background this evening, a report interrepted the broadcast on ESPN (which also appears in written form here) to relate that a team source said the MRI revealed a "slight" fracture.

I don't know about you, but to me saying that someone has a "slight" fracture is tantamount to being "a little bit" pregnant or "mostly" dead. Of course, that's the alarmist in me, as there are certainly various degrees of severity that a fracture can present, and what the source likely meant was that it appeared from the MRI to be of a type less severe. I can only hope this is the case.

Still, a crack's a crack, and whatever the size and depth of the one in Mark Prior's elbow, the one below the Cubs' season seems to widen by the minute, and if a way isn't found to fill it soon, it will swallow this club whole, if it hasn't already.

2005-05-28 10:20:50
1.   Zoompet
"The Chicago Cubs on Saturday traded right-handed pitcher LaTroy Hawkins to the San Francisco Giants for right-handed pitchers Jerome Williams and David Aardsma."

Is this a salary dump or are these guys worth something?

2005-05-28 10:39:41
2.   Jiraiya
I heard that when asked what was so important that was worth pitching for, Prior responded, "To blave."

I've never been so convinced that this team is cursed as I was when he got hit yesterday. Unbelievable.

2005-05-28 10:58:55
3.   Patrick85
According to John Sickels, who wrote about the minors for ESPN for a long time, and now runs his own site (, both of these guys are legitimate prospects. Williams has been struggling this year in AAA, and speculation of an injury runs rampant, but he was a serviceable pitcher last year. Aardsma is ranked #5 on Sickels' list of top 20 Giants projects.
2005-05-28 12:25:37
4.   Patrick85
Make that Sickels' #4 prospect.

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