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Enjoy It While It Lasts
2005-05-31 14:00
by Derek Smart

This is going to be terribly transparent, but I still think it's fun. Here's a statistical comparison of two players to date:

AL Shortstop201.287.333.41511.4
NL Shortstop186.292.323.43511.4

Pretty comparable, right? Except, the AL shortstop is getting paid eight times what the NL shortstop will make, and is due a bunch more over the next few years. If you haven't guessed by now, that's a comparison of our very own Neifi! and former Cardinal, former red-hot free agent, current Red Sock, Edgar Renteria.

I fully expect these two to diverge over the remainder of the season, and for our boy Neifi! to make out badly in the deal, but it's still fun to think in this year of bad breaks that, at least for the time being, we're actually catching a good one.

2005-06-01 06:46:18
1.   chicagoburke
Some dandy leatherwork and a game winning RBI...I'm pleasently whammies, no whammies

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