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Know Your Enemy 2005 - Week 9
2005-06-06 13:14
by Derek Smart

The Cubs saw their second straight week of excellent play start to pay dividends as the Cardinals gave a quick glimpse of their mortal side. How did the rest of the division fare?

  1. St. Louis Cardinals

    Season Record36-20
    Week's Record4-3
    Games Back--

    It's the first time they haven't gained ground in the standings since Week 4, and their first slip backwards since Week 1. That's less about these seven days being bad than about the previous ones being so darn good. They still have a healthy lead, and it's taken a Herculean effort by the Cubs to reel them in this far, so don't think the Cardinals are looking over their shoulder just yet.

  2. Pittsburgh Pirates

    Season Record26-29
    Week's Record5-2
    Games Back9.5

    Timing isn't everything, but it sure helps, and playing the Marlins and Braves while both were reeling made things a whole lot easier for the Buccos this week. The good news for the week to come is that half of their games will be against the hapless D-Rays. The bad news is, the other half are against the Orioles, with Boston and the Yankees to follow.

  3. Milwaukee Brewers

    Season Record26-30
    Week's Record2-5
    Games Back10.0

    They mirrored the Cubs' west coast swing, with nearly opposite results. If only they'd been swept by the Padres, the reverse image would have been complete.

  4. Houston Astros

    Season Record21-34
    Week's Record3-3
    Games Back14.5

    Here is the Astros' record in during two types of Roger Clemens starts:

    Clemens' Runs AllowedAstros' Record

    Irony: learn to love it.

  5. Cincinnati Reds

    Season Record21-35
    Week's Record1-5
    Games Back15.0

    Dave Miley has to be on the short list of managers in danger of losing their jobs. Adam Dunn's chair shall be avenged!

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