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Know Your Enemy 2005 - Week 10
2005-06-13 16:20
by Derek Smart

The division acquitted itself very well in this recent stretch of interleague play, going 21-11 versus their AL nemeses, with the Cubs having the hardest time, posting a 3-3 record against those DH users. So the NL Central fared well, but how did each team do?

  1. St. Louis Cardinals

    Season Record40-22
    Week's Record4-2
    Games Back--

    Here they go again, expanding their lead in the division for yet another week. With the Cubs' recent run of success the race isn't over yet, but as the weeks creep on, and their lead slowly expands, we're likely to look back at any moments of doubt regarding the divisional race's outcome and laugh and laugh and laugh.

  2. Pittsburgh Pirates

    Season Record30-31
    Week's Record4-2
    Games Back9.5

    Truth be told, I don't know how to plotz in print, so you'll simply have to believe me when I say I've been making with the plotzing all weekend long.

    The Bucs have gone 9-4 since I declared that they wouldn't be within fewer than 3 games of .500 on a Monday for the remainder of 2005, and it's been the offense that's taken them this far. Since May 30, Jack Wilson, Rob Mackowiack, Daryl Ward, Jason Bay, and Matt Lawton have combined to hit a robust .350/.447/.561.

    Surely they won't keep that pace up, but if they can meet somewhere between their early incompetence and this joyously excellent outburst, they could be considerably more trouble than I had anticipated for the remainder of the year.

  3. Milwaukee Brewers

    Season Record28-34
    Week's Record2-4
    Games Back12.0

    Boy, they sure looked promising for a bit, didn't they? It's been a near total failure in the last couple of weeks, with no one besides Carlos Lee able to hit, and most of the pitching staff falling on hard times. The good news is, not everyone who's been this bad is this bad, the Prince is coming, and Rickie Weeks may be on his way any day now is already there. They're still a legitimate threat to reach .500 and spoil someone else's October plans.

  4. Houston Astros

    Season Record26-35
    Week's Record5-1
    Games Back13.5

    "Zoicks and Holy Whuppins, Batman, was that a dominant week from the Astros I just saw?"

    "It sure was old chum, although it was just a strangely successful version of the same no-offense/other-worldly-run-prevention scheme they've been trying all year."

    "Gee, Batman, you sure know how to take the fun out of the old ballgame."

    "Just doing my job, Robin. Just doing my job."

  5. Cincinnati Reds

    Season Record26-36
    Week's Record5-1
    Games Back14.0

    Just like the Astros, the Reds stuck to the same thing they've been doing all year - giving up runs by the bushel while beating the hell out of the ball themselves. Just like the Astros, they came out of the week with a 5-1 record, and just like the Astros, this run of success won't last long.

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