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2005-07-14 07:22
by Derek Smart

I ran across this little tidbit in the Newark Star-Ledger, and it gave me a chuckle. It's a piece on what to expect from the Yankees in the second half, and among the items discussed is a list of "Three Guys Who Could Soon Be Yankees," among them, Ken Griffey Jr., A.J. Burnett, and...

Cubs center fielder Corey Patterson, who has fallen out of favor in Chicago but can at least catch the ball.

And who has, if this article can be believed, fallen so out of favor that the Cubs are willing to deal him for an "Official Brooklyn Bridge Certificate of Ownership."

I don't doubt that the Cubs will be interested in dealing Patterson at some point in the future, but for it to be the near future, there are two conditions that have to be met:

  1. Patterson must perform well enough to raise his value significantly
  2. A partner with something worth having, who is willing to part with it, must be found

I honestly doubt that condition the first can be met by the end of the month, and even if it was, the Yankees are a long way from meeting condition the second.

Not that they wouldn't be willing to part with something of value, if they had it, but there's simply nothing I can see in their organization that the Cubs would want or need without venturing into the territory of the ludicrous ("Sure, you can have Corey. That'll be one Blue-Lipped Wonder, please.").

I have no idea how much longer Corey Patterson will be a Cub, or where he will go if he departs, but there's one thing I'm certain about: he won't be a Yankee this year.

2005-07-14 08:30:37
1.   Scotty Mac
The Yankees definitely do not have anything that would facilitate this trade. It's not like Corey has a ridiculous contract we are trying to get off the books. But when you work for a newspaper it's ok to make up unreasonable trade rumors, I guess.
2005-07-14 08:51:46
2.   rynox
Am I the only one who thinks we should be going after Baez? Dempster's been good lately and it was a great move by management considering Dempster's first inning stats as a starter, but I'm not so sure he's a solid, long-term, you-can-count-on-me closer. Here is my ideal bullpen:

Ohman (specialty lefty pitcher)
Wuertz (specialty righty pitcher)
Mitre, Rusch (inning eaters)
Novoa (middle relief)
Dempster (Setup)
Baez (Closer)
(Poor Remmy... I can't find a spot for him.)

The Cubs are real close to having the lineup. Let's hope Hairston really steps up like he did in the Marlins series and that Ramirez's bat keeps swinging. If so, things could really fall into place because the rest of the lineup is solid.

2005-07-14 09:04:07
3.   Baby Maddux
I'd trade Corey straight-up for ARod.

Is that wrong?

2005-07-14 09:06:23
4.   Sandus
I've never been sold on Baez. Personally, I think the Cubs should shoot for Billy Wagner and then lock him up for a couple of years. Wagner's recent comments have already distanced him from management. All that's necessary now is a Phillies slide and he's ripe for the picking.

I'd probably balk at a Patterson for Wagner trade, but I'd happily send over a Sergio Mitre or similar.

2005-07-14 09:37:13
5.   rynox
"With Cubs GM Jim Hendry on the lookout around the majors for bullpen help, a name to keep an eye on is Kansas City's Mike MacDougal, says the Arlington Daily Herald."


He has a career 2.36 GO/AO which would seem to fit in very nicely at Wrigley. This year, he's pitching only 1.62 GO/AO, but based on the numbers it looks like he's gone with more of a strikeout approach, 43K, 19BB. ERA, AVG, & WHIP are all about par for an AL pitcher. So far converted 11 of 13 save opportunities. Wrigley would be a huge adjustment for him, but his numbers are impressive considering the park he pitches at.

2005-07-14 13:35:51
6.   Whitebacon
Baez should set up for Dempster, not the other way around. Demp hasn't done anything to not be able to keep the closer job, short of us acquiring Billy Wagner.

MacDougal? Yuck. He hasn't been horrible this year, but he hasn't been real good either. The only reason his ERA is below 4 is his four scoreless innings in July.

2005-07-14 19:49:19
7.   Schteeve
The blue lipped wonder says hi. How are the Cubs doing these days? HA HA HA.

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