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Long On Luck
2005-07-28 08:40
by Derek Smart

Short on time.

Lucky win. I'll take it. Luck bad this year. Yesterday luck good. Yippee!

Time is tight. No bullets. Bee-bees.

  • Zambrano with 112 pitches through seven. Gave up nine hits and four walks. Some hits supposedly lucky. Didn't see myself, but intermanetawhosits said he wasn't "go back out there and break the 120 pitch barrier" sharp. Bullpen not taxed. Don't get why Z back out there. Worked out. But still...

  • Poor LaTroy. People are mean.

  • Matt Murton: Lucky Charm.

  • More Matt Murton: .481/.545/.556 - 17 balls in play, 14 on the ground. Something's got to give.

  • Bottom 9. Gerut walks to leadoff. Macias sacrifies. Gerut to second. Best. Use. Of. Macias. Ever.

  • Three games from wild card. Tied for third. I'll take it for now.

D-Backs today. No more Jose Cruz. Now Connor Jackson era. Hope he doesn't kill us.

Williams v. Halsey. I think it's a tossup. D-Backs killed us lately. Gotta, gotta, beat 'em.

Substance later. Now I go.

2005-07-29 05:36:35
1.   rynox
In defense of Murton's GO/AO ratio... when he hits a ground ball, its like a Ramirez ground ball: It's a missle.

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