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Lawton to Cubs
2005-07-31 13:17
by Derek Smart

That's the word at the moment, but nothing official as of yet, and nothing about who the Cubs are supposedly giving up. If this does turn out to be the real thing, it's a deal that could make a difference to a team that has serious OBP problems, but I'll reserve judgement until all is made clear. More to come when more is revealed.

UPDATE: It appears that the deal is straight up, Jody Gerut for Matt Lawton, and while I appreciate the potential that Gerut represents, this is a deal I'd make every time. Assuming this is the deal as is, it's another nice piece of work by Jim Hendry, getting a solid upgrade without coughing up tons of treasure.

Again, I have no link to back this up (this is all coming to me from the Baseball Tonight trade deadline special), but once we've got one, I'll be sure to put it up.

UPDATE 2: Here's a link from

I'll speak to this more in depth in a later post, either tonight or tomorrow, but while this wasn't an impact move the likes of adding a Dunn or Huff, the fact that there were no impact moves speaks volumes about what the few selling teams were asking for their premium players. Short story: this is a move that makes the Cubs better, but whether it improves them enough to win the Wild Card remains to be seen.

2005-07-31 13:36:06
1.   The Boar
Lawton clearly isn't the guy we wanted, assuming Dunn et al. were available. Nonetheless, he seems like a good guy to help us down the stretch. Yet, after the 11-2 drubbing going on right now at the hands of the D-backs (losing 3 of 4) to them, I'm not sure if anything can save this season. You guys still holding out hope?
2005-07-31 15:19:16
2.   Sandus
Without touching too much on the ridiculous contract that Lawton has, the deal was Jason Dubois for a Matt Lawton rental. I like the deal. And while I don't see him sticking around next year (his price will be too high), I do think he gives the Cubs a legitimate shot to win the wild card this year (provided he isn't misused by Dusty--always a major caveat to any deal).

It's just good to see somebody who walks in a Cub uni.

2005-07-31 20:59:44
3.   rynox
Not sure what the infatuation was w/Dunn. I think our Cubbies have enough power and pleanty of strikeouts, we just needed some baserunners. Great trade IMHO... especially considering that we started w/Dubois and ended up with a bonafide leadoff guy. That blows me away. I'm not sure this is an Aramis Ramirez caliber trade, but it was pretty smooth.
2005-07-31 22:11:43
4.   Sandus
"Not sure what the infatuation was w/Dunn. I think our Cubbies have enough power and pleanty of strikeouts, we just needed some baserunners."

You mean Dunn's .400 on-base percentage wouldn't create more baserunners?

2005-08-01 05:49:08
5.   cmat
It seems like a good deal for the Cubs. The Cardinals were after Lawton as well, at least they were rumored to have been. So it gives the Cubs top of the lineup a real boost to have him. He should be a solid rental, and even if the Cubs don't make the playoffs, this might help D Lee to wrap up the MVP by providing him someone who is on base ahead of him.

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