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I'm Sorry, I Haven't a Clue
2005-08-04 05:24
by Derek Smart

No, I'm not referring to the classic BBC Radio panel game, but rather to my current state regarding yesterday's contest, as I was unable to/spared from viewing any of last night's debacle against the Phillies.

Of course, from the bit that I've read and seen this morning, the headline is equally applicable to nearly all of the Cub team, and that if I could have specifically chosen a game to be completely unaware of before the start of the season, that this one would have been it. Gee. Lucky me.

But what do I know? Didn't you read the headline? Don't listen to me, listen to each other, and take this opportunity to inform me about the horror that was August 3, 2005. Vent, spew, comment away, folks, because if I correctly understand how badly things went, I'll bet you all have some fine vintage vitriol to share.

2005-08-04 06:53:42
1.   The Boar
I also did not see the game, and feel thankful for it. Though as I read the blurb in my Arkansas newspaper this morning, I couldn't help but shake my head. The Cubs lose on a bases-loaded, third-strike-swinging, passed ball which Barrett, instead of retrieving and bringing back to home to cover the winning run, promptly throws to third base, which then allows said winning run to score. Just unbelievable.

Yet, I suppose when Mike Remlinger is the guy you turn to in a tie game in the ninth inning, it's natural to expect a leadoff double, a couple of intentional walks. And Michael Wuertz peppered the party with a little of his usual wildness and the stage was set. It's probably okay anyway, because looking at the box score, the only guys that had any offensive production were pinch-hitters Jose F'ing Macias and Todd "Thor" Mulletsworth. Nothing like getting squat from that starting lineup.

I hate to say it, but this season might be over before Nomar, Woody, and Williamson even return. Not that that is really surprising. Let's just say that with the lead story on the Cardinals' pinch-hit three run homer by So Taguchi serving as a fitting contrast to the recap of this latest Cubs debacle, the baseball gods still don't seem to be on our side.

2005-08-04 07:33:09
2.   Baby Maddux
That guy is so Taguchi, I swear.

Actually, of all the debacles last night, the Cards beating the Marlins was actually a good thing.

If Dusty wasn't out running drills on how to cover first for all the pitchers on the staff at 6 am today, he should be fired just for that.

2005-08-04 07:50:05
3.   Nick S
Hello, Cubs fans.
Let's put last night's loss like this.
I live in California now, and my girlfriend, who is subjected to my "illness", watched the game and saw the ending and commented that even she, who knows little to nothing about baseball, said that she just witnessed one of the worst run plays she has seen.
Obviously, she's not been subjected to the Cubs' many misfortunes as have I, but she said it all.
Does Dusty believe in reinforcing fundamentals, at all?
Check the south side, the Yankees or my nephew's T-ball league for a clue on running the bases, moving the runner over or manufacturing runs.
Good grief!
2005-08-04 07:59:55
4.   aqc
What are you talking about, Boar? The Baseball Gods smiled upon us in St. Louis in the form of one Neifi Perez.

Bottom of the 9th inning:

Pat Burrell strikes out swinging on 3-2 with the bases loaded and one out. Rollins had started the inning with a double, Lofton got him over to third and then Utley and Abreu were IBB'ed to get the force at every base.

Turns out this game showcased another bad baseball habit: the pitcher failing to cover first base on grounders hit to the right side. Happened with Williams, Rusch and Remlinger. In the 9th, Lee bailed us out by making a sliding play to get to the bag, but it was unnecessary and very much a microcosm of the entire season--Derrek Lee playing superb baseball to bail out his clueless, incompetent teammates--and very much foreshadwing the defensive ineptitude that followed not three plate appearances later.

Back to the game.

When Burrell K's, Barrett can't come up with the baseball and it squirts past him. Now, Burrell can't run to first because first base is not open, so he's out. Rollins decides to take off anyway.

However, Barrett is able to find the ball quickly and has Rollins hung up somewhere between third and home. Thinking he can nab Rollins at third, Barrett fires a bad throw to Ramirez while Rollins spins and heads home. Ramirez tries to fire back but it's late.

Cubs lose.

I was actually looking forward to a good, old-fashioned pickle. You know, the one where you run toward a guy and throw it to your teammate when he begins running in the other direction. Instead, I was treated to a Cubs loss.

When are sweeps pretty much mandatory in early August? Now! If we don't win five of six on this road trip, I think we're through.

When's Corey coming back? That's the only thing that'll make me happy at this point in the season. That and some sound baseball, but which is more likely to happen?

2005-08-04 08:16:16
5.   TC Cubbies
I only listened online, but Dusty should be glad that Barrett screwed up and can take the blame for him. All during Burrell's at bat, Pat and Ron were almost (ok, Ron was almost) screaming at how deep the outfielders were playing. Pat said that there was no chance of throwing out Rollins at home on a pop up at the depth that the outfield was playing.
Even a well-coached player might panic from time to time, as Barrett did, and it can't be considered the manager's fault, but when the entire outfield is playing at the wrong depth at the most critical point in the game, the blame lies entirely with the coaching staff. That the coaches should have been directing the depth is even more critical where all three of the outfielders had either recently entered the game or had switched positions.
2005-08-04 12:38:54
6.   Sandus
I am exceedingly tired of stupid stupid baseball. Somebody should be teaching this team how to play and it doesn't seem like anybody is. Losing games on dumb mistakes is inexcusable and awful.

A 12 year old kid in the restaurant I was in shouted "What the hell are you doing?!" at the play in question. This kid is no genius, merely a little leaguer.

No more stupid baseball. Please.

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