Baseball Toaster Cub Town
Diversionary Tactics
2005-08-25 07:14
by Derek Smart

I suppose I could spend this time re-hashing another Cubs loss. I could bemoan the most recent injury to Aramis Ramirez and the possible uptick in playing time for Jose Macias. I could even rail against the 132 pitches thrown by Mark Prior in an essentially meaningless game. But I haven't got the stomach for it.

Instead, I'm going to divert you towards something fun. I got an email this weekend from a gentleman named Dan who is a beer vendor at Wrigley Field. He and his brother Pete (also a beer vendor) have developed a site that profiles all the beer vendors at the Friendly Confines on virtual baseball cards.

Whether you're in Chicago and are familiar with some of these faces, or outside the city and just looking for some flavor of the ballpark, the site's a kick. And on a day like today, where the alternative is wallowing in the mire that is the Cubs' 2005 season, I can't think of a better baseball related diversion.

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