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Was That a Tree?
2005-09-19 09:24
by Derek Smart

My day began as a series of cosmic whirlpools pulling me into an abyss where available time and the demands upon it are permanently separated by fire and demons and fiery demons and ten foot tall spiders, their legs covered with poison hair, filling the air with the putrid stench of their breath like rotting flesh as they forever recite Joyce's Ulysses in the voice of Anna Nicole Smith after a seven month TrimSpa/Cristal/morphine binge.

So, I'm a little busy.

However, I doubt you all care much, so I'll leave you with this: the Cubs not only won the season series with the Cardinals this year, but they also succeeded in winning or tying all five individual series with the Redbirds, and since June 23 have been the only team to win a series from St. Louis. And they've done it three times.

Of course, all of this begs the question: if the Cubs make the Cardinals fall in the proverbial deep, dark woods of a lost season, does anyone hear it? Does anyone care?

2005-09-19 20:12:54
1.   scareduck
FWIW, the Padres are 4-3 vs the Cards this year, and 5-1 against the Braves. It could be an interesting postseason.
2005-09-20 14:48:48
2.   Vishal
or it could just as easily not.

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