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A Cub Fan's Sunday
2005-12-05 04:32
by Derek Smart

The day began simply enough, with a girl showing support for her team.

Then came time to read the morning paper, starting with the sports section. A day of happy leisure had begun.

But when she saw the news that Rafael Furcal had signed with the Dodgers, the day took a decidedly difficult turn.

Later, of course, the madness came.

2005-12-05 10:03:52
1.   Lefty
Apparently not too many fathers are readers of this column/blog. My 21 month-old daughter has a New Era Cub hat which is one more piece of Cub paraphenalia than her dad has.

Now that you got me here, we just need to all meditate and try to will our thoughts to JH in Dallas; "Cedeno & Walker is fine..Cedeno & Walker is fine.."

Since "Cedeno & Walker' is a unit, the singular is fine.

2005-12-05 16:55:53
2.   tewksbury
Cedeno & Walker IS fine. The problem is Hendry disagrees. Recent reports have him suspiciously not including Walker in the Cubs' infield plans.

(I'm not happy about this. I would much rather see Walker and bat 2nd. Walker's defense was better than Alfonso Soriano's by any measure the past 2 years. But Soriano is the best second baseman consistently mentioned in trade rumors.)

My guess is that Cedeno puts up ROY-type numbers if he gets the playing time. He's having a very good year in winter ball.

Here is the best we can hope for now:

(1) Spend on a free agent starter. Washburn is from WI, so he seems like the best bet to sign for a reasonable amount. (Weaver & Millwood are fine backup options). I would have preferred gambling on Burnett, but he appears to be a Blue Jay at this point.

(2) deal Walker & Hill for Alfonso Soriano, and cringe as Baker bats him 2nd.

(3) deal J.Williams & Patterson for Wilkerson, who bats leadoff.

(4) deal Mitre & Nolasco & Wellemeyer for Kearns.

2005-12-05 18:28:29
3.   Sandus
All three of those trades seem like thievery. There's no way you'd get a team to agree to any of those.
2005-12-05 19:08:47
4.   rynox
Sing for Lugo?

Rays are looking for a 3B prospect. We need a big league SS.

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