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An Humble Proposition
2005-12-09 09:01
by Derek Smart

As I'm certain you've read by now in other more prosaic sources, one Mr. Miguel Tejada, All-Star shortstop of the Baltimore American League Baseball Franchise, is heartily displeased at the direction in which his financial benefactors are progressing, and had he his druthers, would be traded forthwith to a patron more likely to aspire to the lofty heights of laurel heaps he so desperately desires - even more than the massive money mounds he so valued in years past.

It just so happens, the Chicago National League Baseball Franchise has something of a vacancy in their middle-infield (perhaps even a vacuum, should the batting prowess of one Mr. Perez be given full consideration), and in the right circumstances, could be persuaded to conceive of a way to accommodate Mr. Tejada.

It, therefore, seems appropriate at this juncture to offer a suggestion for how such an arrangement might transpire, the inspiration for which stems directly from erstwhile dealings between these two proud organizations less than one year previous.

The Chicago ball-club would send one Mr. Jerry Hairston, a diminutive but versatile sprite, back to his former climes, and in exchange, the Baltimores would pack Mr. Tejada in a well-ventilated crate with 90% of the sizable salary he's owed during the next four calendar turns, and ship it to the City of Broad Shoulders post-haste.

It only seems the right and proper thing to do. After all, these friendly fowl let their oh-so hospitable nature shine through when their cuddly brethren sadly found themselves in dire need of liberating one Mr. Sosa from his furry shackles. Returning said favor is the least that is owed.

2005-12-09 10:09:43
1.   rynox
Amusing. The only thing that might work is Wood for Tejada since Os need pitching. I'd want them to throw in a pitching prospect, too, though. And there is that chance that after surgery Wood will come back in '03 form. Then what, we'd be kicking ourselves.
2005-12-09 10:20:44
2.   Todd S
I would gladly trade Wood and a pitching prospect for Mr. Tejada. But it would take much more than that.
2005-12-09 13:38:42
3.   Sweet
How about Wood + Patterson + [one or two of Hill, Williams, and Ryu] for Tejada? If the Walker-for-Bradley deal goes through, this would be a mighty tasty lineup:

Cedeno (OK, Neifi)

Rotation would be a little shaky, though; not sure I'm ready for Maddux and Rusch at the 3 and 4 slots. But because the trades would be cash-flow flat, the Cubs would still have $10 million or so to throw at Millwood.

It's an idle dream, but hey, it's Friday.

2005-12-09 14:23:26
4.   Sandus
You'll have to add a few more players than that. How about Mike Fontenot and David Crouthers?

Seriously though, this makes a ton of sense to me. Todd Walker would then be expendable and could be sent to Texas in exchange for one of those 40 extra outfielders they have.

2005-12-10 03:59:21
5.   Whitebacon
I think a third team would have to be brought in to give us any shot at landing Tejada.
2005-12-10 07:42:05
6.   madman
I'm sure Kerry will overlook his no-trade clause for the opportunity to play for another perennial losing team.
2005-12-10 07:48:15
7.   madman
If I'm Hendry I think I'd consider dealing Prior, if I could get Tejada and also another half-decent pitcher in the deal. Does Jim realize that Mark is only declining under "pitcher-killer" Baker and under Rothschild? Under Leo Mazilli Prior might even return to form before his career is destroyed.

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