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Minor Doings
2006-01-03 18:18
by Derek Smart

As expected (and as noted by our intrepid Mr. Timmermann), the Cubs officially announced that they had signed Marquis Grissom to a minor league deal and invited him to spring training, and at the same time, added to their offseason haul of former Twins, coming to similar terms with outfielder Michael Restovich and shortstop Augie Ojeda.

Of course, Cub fans are already familiar with Ojeda, who spent parts of four seasons in Chicago, earning the love of the faithful with a ton of hustle and a great attitude. Unfortunately, there's little else to recommend him other than a halfway decent glove up the middle, so he'll be spending all of his time in Iowa and off the forty-man unless something goes horribly, horribly wrong. The same goes for Restovich, who has never really shown much to be excited about. Both of these guys are on board for organizational depth in an emergency, and nothing more.

This may not be the case with Grissom. As I mentioned earlier, a healthy Grissom could be a passable center field backup and platoon partner with Jacque Jones. But that doesn't mean he's Dusty-Proof - and at this point, I sincerely doubt that anyone is - so while I think this is a good, cheap flyer when talking about it in a vacuum, I have my doubts about what this means in reality. Suffice to say, if Grissom makes the team and does anything but spell Matt Murton when he needs a day off, I'll be spittin' nails.

2006-01-04 14:32:34
1.   hernan
what's wrong with a jones/grissom platoon in RF? it could be OK offensively (at least close to league average), and it will significantly improve the team in the 2 areas that were most lacking in 2005: defense and baserunning. by the way, grissom's 2004 splits against lefties and with runners on base look great.

now, if Dusty gets Jones in the lineup against lefties, or Grissom against righties (replacing Murton)... we could have a long year. and it would be real stupid to underestimate Dusty's "ability" to get "proven veteran good guys who simply suck" in the lineup consistently.

do you guys have info. on cedeno's and/or murton's performances in winter baseball? PLEASE some god, spirit, energy field, or something...persuade Hendry away from getting another SS. from what I've seen, read and heard, Cedeno has a chance to become the next Michael Young (last stats I saw had him hitting .355 in venezuela).

happy new year everyone!

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