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Baltimore: The Island of Misfit Outfielders
2006-01-06 07:08
by Derek Smart

The Trib is reporting this morning that the Cubs are close to dealing Corey Patterson to...wait for it...the Orioles, in exchange for a minor leaguer - and while no names were dropped, one of the article's sources implied that it would not be one of the Orioles' "top five or so prospects." 'Tis too shocking to behold.

Needless to say, this isn't what I had in mind yesterday, but it's something, and frankly, if the Cubs don't have to pay money and still get something of even marginal value in return for Patterson - a bucket of roughly used baseballs, a "Camden Yards Spittoon", an autographed Sammy Sosa jersey - they'll have done better than I thought possible.

We'll never know how much of Patterson's failure to live up to his hyped potential lay at his feet, how much was due to the organization's inability to teach, how much was due to his being rushed, or how much was just an overstatement of expectations, but despite all the frustrations I truly wish him well, because if nothing else, I saw little that would make me think he was a bad guy. Assuming this deal goes down, I wish you luck Corey. And watch out for those high, hard ones.

2006-01-06 10:26:16
1.   Tom
Why no talk on Prior's opting for arbitration? If I may rewind the conversation a bit, I thought one of the (good) reasons for dealing Prior was that he's a tough guy to value. Arbitration might not yield him much, but free agency will. Someone will be able to pay through the nose for him.
2006-01-06 23:10:44
2.   Uncle Charlie
It's awfully early in Corey's career to give up on him, but, unfortunately, the Cubs have no choice now. Perhaps he needed a different coach who does a better job of encouraging young players, allowing them to play to their strengths, and helping them turn around their weaknesses. Corey Patterson is not a lead off hitter. Hit him in the 5-hole between a right handed clean-up power hitter and a 6-hole righty contact hitter. Teach him ONE thing: how to lay off the high heat. I sincerely believe that the Corey of early '03 was the real Corey, and he's been mind-screwed since then. Now there's no place in the outfield and he's way too good a fielder to ride the bench. It's a shame. I wish him the best.
2006-01-06 23:20:10
3.   das411
Can Bobby Abreu be a misfit too? Please?

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