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Patterson to the Orioles......Seriously
2006-01-09 13:32
by Derek Smart

There, that's better isn't it. First the Orioles were the favorites, then they weren't, but in the end they're the proud owners of a slightly used Corey Patterson at the cost of two minor leaguers: shortstop Nate Spears and left-handed pitcher Carlos Perez.

The truth is, I know nothing about the players the Cubs acquired, so rather than regurgitate information that can readily be found on Spears' and Perez' Baseball Cube pages, I'll direct you there if you have the interest, and simply say that Spears looks like the guy who could be worth something eventually - Perez having spent his age 23 season in the Sally League, and performing only decently to boot - as he's at least young (20 last year) with the appearance of passable plate discipline (although, it looks like that's taken a hit each time he's moved up a league).

So while, barring vacation plans, neither of these gents will be seeing the North Side of Chicago anytime soon, the gist is, getting anything for Patterson is a bonus, considering the obviousness of his status with the club, so if either one of these acquisitions ever does anything on the major league level, it'll be a huge coup. As it is, it's simply enough to have the whole thing over and done with so everyone can get on with their lives.

2006-01-09 14:15:12
1.   View From The Bleachers
Spears appears to be more of a 2b. His arm strength doesn't translate to SS
2006-01-09 15:13:25
2.   hernan
this is still a big-time failure by Patterson as a professional athlete, and by the Cubs' coaching staff, Baker in particular. No wonder the Cubs' farm system has not developed a positional every day player. If you look at the Cubs projected lineup Pierre-Cedeno-DLee-Ramirez-Jones-Murton-Barrett-Perez, only Cedeno is a product of our farm system and he is not established yet.
2006-01-09 19:11:28
3.   The Real Neal
Being that Murton excelled in 2005 compared to 2004, I don't think it's fair to call him a product of someone else's farm system.

To me the bazaar aspect is if Hendry really wanted to develop Patterson, Hill and Choi, why did he sign Dusty Baker to manage them? On I forgot, he signed Dusty to manage Sammy.

I believe the phrase, Mr. Hendry, is 'reap what you sow'.

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