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Get Yer Figures!
2006-01-17 07:14
by Derek Smart

As noted in the Daily Herald and Sun-Times this morning, today is the day teams and players who are arb-eligible and have yet to reach an agreement must file the salary figures they could potentially do battle over. As of now, the gents who could find themselves beginning the process are Mark Prior, Carlos Zambrano, Juan Pierre, Jerry Hairston, and Will Ohman.

Of course, since the current regime has famously yet to go to a hearing with a player, it's also a non-event in Cubland, beyond the fact that we'll all have a more concrete idea of what the overall payroll will look like tomorrow morning. So since there's very little suspense to be had, I'll make a feeble attempt at manufacturing some: in the comments below, list each player, the day you think they'll sign, and for what amount. Whoever is closest in total dollars, with the dates (in total days from the day of signing) acting as the tiebreaker, will receive...oh, let's say...the people's ovation and fame forever. My guesses:

  • Ohman, Jan 17, $650K
  • Hairston, Jan 19, $2.35M
  • Pierre, Jan 24, $5.5M
  • Zambrano, Jan 24, $4.85M
  • Prior, Jan 30, $4.25M
  • Have at it people!

    2006-01-17 07:48:28
    1.   The Boar
    Ohman, 1/18, $800,000
    Hairston, 1/19, $2.1 m
    Pierre, 1/23, $5.7 m
    Zambrano, 1/25, $4.25 m
    Prior, 1/28, $3.75 m
    2006-01-17 07:57:10
    2.   Will Carroll
    Ohman - 1/21 - 900k
    Hairston - 1/30 - 2.5m
    Pierre - 1/24 - 6.5m
    Zambrano - arb win
    Prior - 2/12 - 6.75m
    2006-01-17 09:06:23
    3.   Uncle Charlie
    Dontrelle Willis just signed for one year at $4.35 million. Neither of our big guys will make more than that. That will be the arbitration standard.

    Ohman, 1/18: $800K
    Hairston, 1/18: $2.25M
    Pierre, 1/19: $6M
    Big Z, 1/21: $4.35M
    Prior, arbitration: $4.25M

    2006-01-17 09:17:50
    4.   Tom
    Can I just bet the over/under for Will's post? If so: under.
    2006-01-17 13:27:09
    5.   The Boar
    Uncle Charlie,

    Well I certainly don't think Prior will make much more than Willis, with his IP being well below expectations the last few years. However, this was Willis first year of arbitration eligibility -- Zambrano will almost assuredly make more than him for that fact alone, and Prior will probably be right around Willis' number.

    If I can amend my numbers, Derek, I would say:

    Ohman, 1/18, $800,000
    Hairston, 1/19, $2.1 m
    Pierre, 1/23, $5.7 m
    Zambrano, 1/25, $6.15
    Prior, 1/28, $4.25 m

    2006-01-17 14:10:45
    6.   Derek Smart
    Ammendment noted, Boar. I figure these numbers are revisable until the contracts start getting signed, or something is already wrong. After all, when playing for something as important as the people's ovation, we must all be sure to put our best foot forward.
    2006-01-17 20:33:29
    7.   Uncle Charlie
    You're right. I forgot that fact about Z, but I'm still surprised with the number reported. That's the only one I was way off on. Let's hope he lands around 6.

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