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2006-03-02 06:48
by Derek Smart

I know nothing about papers outside of Chicago, so does anyone know if the Boston Herald sports department is the baseball equivalent of Us Weekly? I ask because I see little difference between this quote from the front of today's version of the Us website...

As they prepare for a baby in France, Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie raise questions by donning gold bands.

...and this one from an article in today's BH...

Chicago Cubs scout Ken Kravec was spotted observing yesterday's workout, which may be an indication that the National League club is still interested in acquiring infielder Tony Graffanino....

The ellipses are all theirs, by the way. Doesn't it make the item just feel juicier?

I'm not really going anywhere with this - clearly, Graffanino's been on the Cubs' radar all offseason in the event they trade Todd Walker, which would probably set up a really weird non-platoon platoon with Jerry Hairston, since 34 year-olds who've never had 400 at bats in a season don't make good candidates to hold up under a full season of play - I just find the gossipy quality in that blurb fascinating.

2006-03-02 07:14:52
1.   Shaun P
In a word - yes.

The more complex answer - yeah mostly. The Herald has employed some excellent writers from time to time (Howard Bryant comes to mind). And they do get some great scoops. But yeah, its got that tabloid-y feel nonetheless.

2006-03-02 13:03:14
2.   rynox
I have a real problem with the Cubs trading any kind of offense for an upgrad in defense. I just happen to think offense is worth much more.

This is why I want them to keep Walker.

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