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2006-03-03 12:36
by Derek Smart

The Tribune reports that Kerry Wood will be having knee surgery Tuesday.

Kerry Wood will undergo arthroscopic surgery on his right knee Tuesday to repair damage to a torn medial meniscus, the Cubs announced Friday.


"I'm not expecting to miss more than a couple weeks," Wood said.


"It doesn't bother him at all to pitch," Hendry said. "In all honesty, he did not want to have the procedure. He felt like as long as it didn't hurt to pitch, he wanted to continue because his arm is feeling so well. After I talked to the doctors, we felt it was best to do it now. We'd hate to see him in the middle of the summer going along well, from normal activity running the bases, trip over the bag, field bunts, that it might get to the point where it would be a problem.

"I don't want that to happen, where he changes his delivery."

Two things: First, I'm glad the Cubs are being proactive here, unlike last season with Wood's shoulder. It's the right thing to do. Second...I haven't got a second. I'm freakin' speechless.

2006-03-03 14:14:11
1.   gaius marius
after some searching and discussion, my best guess would be a three- or four-week setback. if you had him penciled in on may 1, i think late may would be reasonable now.


2006-03-03 14:21:39
2.   Brian H
Of what year? You know how this is going to proceed, "his knee is healing so well, but he's lost arm strength, he'll need at least two weeks in the minors, and then hopefully he'll return for a June 1 simulated game"

This is good news for Jose Macias. The Cubs will need a stiff for all the simulated games this season, maybe he'll have a job afterall.

2006-03-03 15:31:06
3.   gaius marius
lol -- i didn't say I had him penciled in may 1; i just said, "if YOU did..."

who thinks they can get 20 starts out of him this year?

2006-03-03 17:13:25
4.   Bob Timmermann
I believe Jose Macias has a job in Japan now.
2006-03-03 19:24:23
5.   rynox
Wow... for being the Cub's highest paid pitcher, he sure hasn't pitched many innings last few years.


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