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My Kingdom for a Kettle!
2006-03-15 07:54
by Derek Smart

In case recent events weren't causing your blood pressure to reach levels that would breach your local fire hydrant, here's this little tidbit from the Baltimore Sun:

Talks between the Orioles and Chicago Cubs about the long-discussed Luis Matos-for-Todd Walker swap have intensified the past couple of days, according to industry sources. The holdup appears to be the Orioles' unwillingness to pick up the entire $2.5 million contract for the Cubs second baseman, who makes about $900,000 more than Matos.

So, not only are the Cubs looking to trade Walker's solid infield bat for an outfield defensive replacement who, if he stayed in Baltimore, would almost certainly lose his job as a starter to Corey Patterson, it's possible they may have to pay for the privilege.

I wish there was some early warning system in place for this sort of confluence of horrifically sickening events. I could at least keep a bucket near my desk.

2006-03-15 09:10:44
1.   Jason R
And what are the odds that Matos wouldn't take away half of Murton's promised at bats (the other half going to Grissom).

This season is going down hill before it even got to even ground.

2006-03-15 13:51:57
2.   The Boar
So let me get this straight:

-Sosa to the O's for JHJ, Aardsma, and some guy that retired.

-Patterson to the O's for Carlos Perez and Nate Spears

-Walker to the O's for Luis Matos

So that's Sosa, Patterson, and Walker for two bench players, two middling prospects, and a retiree.

Good work, Jim.

2006-03-15 13:53:03
3.   The Boar
Whoops, I can't count. I guess that's actually three middling prospects. I suppose that justifies it then.
2006-03-15 15:53:33
4.   floppy
Wrigleyville should be burning.

Instead idiot Cubs fans are burning through their plastic to buy up all those luxury seats that went on sale today.

2006-03-16 08:47:53
5.   LizzieG
Well, this is bad on so many levels its hard to know where to begin.

I'm not any kind of baseball expert, but what about "Bats .300" do these people not understand? I know its not final yet, but this takes away what little faith I had left in Jim Hendry. If I have to watch Neifi and Jerry play second all season while striking out in places where Todd would hit....its just...ugh.

And I second whoever said about this season going down before it got off the ground.

I'm usually as full of blind optimism (okay, denial) as any Cubs fan, but this is just sad. Sad and wrong...

2006-03-17 10:42:49
6.   Neifi and the Jets
I feel like the Cubs front office is really the set of 24. Hendry is Jack Bauer, Dusty is that guy who played Rudy [who they just killed... yes, that's part of the metaphor], and they scurry around in a state of perpetual crisis, shouting loudly and wearing pained expressions on their faces.

It's the only way to explain such bizarre think-tank-esque trade ideas, that one idiot suggest and the rest rapidly nod their heads in agreement.

Pitiful -- are they trying to sink a ship that is still anchored in port?

2006-03-18 11:08:34
7.   Whitebacon
Aardsma came over in the Hawkins trade, with Jerome Williams, not in any deal for an Oriole.

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