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Not So Bad....Yet
2006-03-16 09:53
by Derek Smart

The Tribune says Mark Prior has been preliminarily diagnosed with a shoulder strain, which is about as innocuous as one could hope for at this point.

The MRI has yet to be performed, so don't come in off the ledge yet. You've got more chances to accidentally trip and fall if you're constantly shuttling in and out. It'd be a shame to jump before it was absolutely necessary, and unintentionally at that.

Maybe get a buddy to grab you some coffee and one of those foam seat pads so you can at least be comfortable during the wait. Oh, and don't forget to wear your jacket. It might be a while, and it's cold out there!

2006-03-16 12:54:46
1.   Graham
Got any donuts?
2006-03-17 06:43:37
2.   The Boar
According to the major Chicago news outlets, the MRI arthrogram says that it is a moderate strain of the subscapularis muscle. I've done a little research of this on the web, but not enough to speculate at all.

If Will Carroll is around, perhaps he could shed some light on this type of injury for us?

2006-03-19 08:51:18
3.   cubsnerd
I found this Prior quote kind of weird, referring to rumors of his injury before it was announced by the organization:

"There's nothing I can say, except if somebody knew something was going to happen, then you tip your hat," Prior said. "It's something that occurred on Sunday."

Perhaps he just misspoke in that first sentence, but, if the injury didn't happen until Sunday, how would anyone have been able to predict it beforehand? It's not much of a stretch to interpret this as Prior letting something slip in the first sentence, "tipping his hat" to good investigative journalism, then catching his mistake, reiterating the company line that it's a recent injury and by no means could have been predicted by the presence of a nagging problem.

2006-03-19 11:13:59
4.   Sandus
Prior's comments look fine to me. He's basically saying that there's no way anybody could've predicted it, and anybody who had just made a really lucky guess. To be honest, I think he's tired of this whole situation.

Oh, and Mark Prior is an incredibly smart man. He doesn't misspeak.

2006-03-19 12:54:47
5.   cubsnerd
Well, I'm not sure why you'd tip your hat to someone who just made a lucky guess. And he didn't actually say anything about guessing. He said if someone actually new something.

I don't know, I could just be taking the quote too literally.

2006-03-20 06:53:16
6.   The Boar
Yes, cubsnerd, I think you are. Prior's talking to reporters, most likely saying whatever comes to mind in the way that it comes to mind. As Sandus said, he's simply saying "If someone could tell that I was going to get hurt when I didn't suspect anything, then I have to tip my hat because they guessed/saw/knew something I didn't." I don't see any sign of this indicating some kind of conspiracy.

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