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Wherein I Expound Further Upon Cub Pitching
2006-03-29 09:07
by Derek Smart

The fine blog, Beyond the Boxscore, has been running a series of team previews of late, and they thought it would be a good idea to have me write the section dealing with the Cub pitching staff. Click here to decide for yourself if it was.

2006-03-29 11:18:50
1.   gaius marius
i was in tears trying to restrain my giggling at your prior analogy -- good show! as usual, you're a better blogger than i.
2006-03-29 12:08:10
2.   Derek Smart
I thank you, sir. You are entirely too kind.
2006-03-29 13:43:08
3.   Jason R


2006-03-29 19:16:07
4.   Marc Normandin
I figured I'd show my appreciation for your contribution at your own site. Well played Derek, well played. The Prior part is my favorite, by far.
2006-03-29 20:03:29
5.   rynox
Greased-fly rodeo. Nice! I also appreciated the reference to Dusty's "cleanliver goodbody" statement yesterday. I almost forgot all about that.

Cubs fans need Cub Town levity or we'll go insane.

2006-03-31 09:00:20
6.   dr johnson
Great write-up. I especially enjoyed some sober-minded analysis of Dempster and Co. in the pen. Money down the drain, that was.

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