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Cubs Acquire Bynum
2006-03-31 20:32
by Derek Smart

According to the Dallas Morning News, the Cubs got involved in a three-team deal with the A's and Rangers, which amounted to them acquiring Freddie Bynum for John Koronka (who will slide into the Rangers' fifth rotation slot. Yikes!), and either a PTBNL or cash.

Without further guidance, I'd guess that Bynum will join the 25-man roster at the expense of Ryan Theriot, which is really no expense at all. What Bynum brings is positional flexibility, a hint of discipline, and speed, which falls nicely in line with what the club's emphasis all offseason, whether you buy into it or not. He certainly has more utility than Theriot, and with the price being Koronka and a bag of balls, it's a solid pickup.

UPDATE: Bynum's officially on the team, and indeed, he's taken the Koronka/Theriot Memorial Roster spot.

2006-04-01 14:46:38
1.   84 Cubs
I agree. Good pickup at no real expense. I'm all for flexibility, speed, and a left-handed bat off the bench.
2006-04-01 18:27:28
2.   Todd S
And hopefully this will end the Walker for Matos rumors. Strike that...change "rumors" to "possibilities."
2006-04-01 21:24:35
3.   rynox
I was checking out to get an idea of what this Bynum guy is all about. Aparently most A's fans weren't too thrilled about the deal. Basically they were just unloading this guy because he's out of options. No one is really thrilled because the A's got a mediocre pitcher out of the deal when they already have good SP depth.

Then there was this comment:

OaktownTribesman: [Bynum is] Just not very good. Has never hit well in the minors, plus his so-called "versatility" is a euphemism for his inability to field a given position very well. He had a great spring this year, but then again that's all it is- spring. Since he was out of options, all the A's could do was trade him or lose him through waivers.

I thought the "'versatility' euphemism" thing was pretty amusing. Makes me think of Mabry.

2006-04-03 10:00:16
4.   Doug
I'd rather think of Mabry than Macias, though!

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