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Because I Need The Distraction
2006-05-07 19:26
by Derek Smart

I suddenly remembered a little bit ago that Kerry Wood was making his first rehab start in Peoria tonight. Here's the boxscore, but for those of you in the click-averse community, here's all you need to know:


I think somebody's feelin' frisky. Shoot, even though the work above was only against A-ballers, if Angel Guzman's flight to Des Moines isn't booked already, I have to imagine the brass at least have their eye on something leaving the morning of the 17th.

I know that, despite the chaos in the rotation, pitching is the least of this club's concerns, particularly after the last week or so, but my inner fanboy's out in full force, and you can count me among the people anxiously awaiting Kid K's return.

2006-05-07 20:01:43
1.   bbomer
Being a Peoria area native, I was at the game tonight. Wood looked relaxed and confident, but the single A hitters who were looking to swing at anything a major league pitcher tossed at them might have had something to do with it. Overall the five innings he pitched were great. He had a little difficulty keeping balls down at times, but was not wild at all. His velocity topped out at 94 but hung around the low 90's for the first couple innings and seemed to drop to upper 80's to 90 near the end.

BTW the Chiefs won on a 10th inning walk-off HR, 5-3.

2006-05-08 03:59:44
2.   Baby Maddux
I was there as well. I wouldn't trust those velocity numbers - the gun seemed erratic at best. There were a few early inning fastballs that registered in the 80's that clearly weren't.

Yeah, and it probably doesn't mean anything, striking out 12 A-ball guys, but it was fun to watch, and that's been missing from the Cubs lately.

On the other hand, while the 1B who hit the homer in the 10th looked good at the plate, sheesh is he a butcher in the field.

2006-05-08 06:31:08
3.   bbomer
Yeah, I agree with you on the gun. In the middle innings it wasn't displaying anything half the time, so I wouldn't put much stock in those numbers.
2006-05-08 11:12:46
4.   onetimer
Great. We'll get to see Wood in 10 days or so. I predict his spleen will rupture withn 3 weeks.
2006-05-08 12:13:30
5.   Tom
I was a little sad to learn that the Lugnuts are no longer in the Cubs system. I love that screaming bolt.

Also, the Bosox optioned Hee Sop to AAA, which means, I think, that he has to clear waivers. How dumb am I for thinking the cubs should put in a claim for him? Or am I mistaken about the process?

2006-05-08 13:29:54
6.   bbomer
Tom, I hope you aren't serious. I might have to cease being a fan if they pick up Hee Sop again.

onetimer, I only hope he lasts long enough for Prior to get back.

2006-05-09 09:57:13
7.   Tom
I love the Hee Sop chants. I really do.

And, I don't think Choi ever got a fair shake here. After running into Wood, he never got his mojo working again.

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