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2006-07-31 12:57
by Derek Smart

Via the always entertaining MLB Trade Rumors, CBS Sportsline is reporting that the Cubs are about to deal Todd Walker to the Padres. The word on the return swag is that the Cubs are getting Jose Ceda, a 19-year old pitcher from the Padres' Arizona Rookie League squad, who posted a 5.09 ERA over 23 innings, allowing 20 hits, 13 walks, and striking out 31. Beyond that, I know nothing, so anyone with more knowledge, please add to the collective consciousness below.

I feel badly for Todd. I don't think there's been a moment for a year, probably longer, when the organization has treated him with any sort of respect, and now that the team finally sends him on his way, he's going to a club that's likely to drop him headlong into their sucking-chest-wound of a hole at third base - a position Walker hasn't played in the Majors since 1997.

Pardon me if I get a tad misty here, because even though we all have seen this moment coming for months now, I've liked Todd Walker from the moment he arrived, liked him from his mediocre defense, to his solid bat, to his 9:30 shadow. He had his flaws, but I always thought he cared, always thought he worked, always thought he tried, and in the end, that's all that you can ask of a guy. Here's wishing Todd all the luck in the world, and my sincere regrets that it had to end this way.

2006-07-31 13:00:12
1.   JJoeScott
Walker has always struck me as a poor man's Gregg Jefferies.
2006-07-31 16:35:24
2.   cubsfanben
Why were Big Jim and the rest of the Cubs so insistent in getting rid of Walker? What did he do? (Okay, he hit on my girlfriend at a bar, but that's between him and me.) He's not my favorite player, but -- unlike some on the team -- he shows up to play every day he plays hard... he's not an All Star but he's a slightly above average player. I get the feeling that Neifi Perez could bat .078, commit 3 errors a game and molest Collies in the clubhouse in between innings and still start 2nd. They're giving him the Mark Grace treatment... Look how that turned out. At least Gracie got a ring. I guess that's something for Walker to look forward to.

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