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Maddux to Dodgers
2006-07-31 13:09
by Derek Smart
Again, via MLB Trade Rumors, Ken Rosenthal reports that the Cubs have sent The Professor to Los Angeles. No firm word yet on the return, although CBS Sportsline says it's Cesar Izturis. Reaction to come when certainty arrives (and if you think I got misty over Walker, just you wait).
2006-07-31 20:58:07
1.   underdog
Well, hope you guys enjoy Cesar. We liked him in LA (or at least, I did). He's a great fielder and a good guy. Not so sure about his bat at this point... but he has been known to hit on occasion. (Had a few good ABs in the washington series this weekend.) So, enjoy him and best of luck! Hopefully Maddux won't need too many geritol injections - I expect some quality starts out of him.

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