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Cubs Reduce Surplus Punctuation
2006-08-20 13:32
by Derek Smart

It is rare that I meet seemingly innocuous happenings with glee, for after all, what matter, if I may make an example, does the trade of an all-leather-no-stick reserve middle infielder make when considering the grand scheme? However, when the dealt individual has been such a symbol of the organization's perverse misunderstanding of what makes a good baseball player, and when said deal manages to net a return that represents what could one day be a player of some actual utility, one's feelings can get away from one.

Such is the case today, as the disturbingly overvalued Neifi! was sent to, of all places, Detroit, for A-ball catcher, Chris Robinson. That Perez was dealt at all is surprising enough, but that he brought back someone who could conceivably see time in the Majors within the next five years, and perhaps even be of some use, is nothing short of miraculous.

I hesitate to say this signals a sudden shift in the organization's evaluative process. First, I'd imagine that, for whatever reason, the Tigers were the ones starting the discussions (I've seen nothing to make me believe the Cubs fail to retain their odd glove-love with Sir Bang), and second, if the team wants to bring Wade Miller up to the big club - which, agree with it or not, they certainly seem intent on - space needs to be made on the forty-man, and the cynic in me thinks that roster real estate was more of a motivation than any realization, like "Goodness, gracious! We've committed $2.5M to a defensive replacement next year!"

Still, whether a taste of things to come, or simply a lunatic's fleeting moment of lucidity, it is a moment to be savored by all who would call themselves Cub fans. By all accounts, Neifi! is a very nice man, but this team doesn't need good fellas, it needs good players, and that is one thing, nice as he is, that Neifi! simply is not.

2006-08-20 14:53:14
1.   TheBigLowitzki
I have no problem bringing up Wade Miller. It sounds like there was an "agreement" for Miller to resign with the Cubs. We should at least see if he is somewhat capable of performing before we resign him.
2006-08-20 15:45:03
2.   Dutch
So, what are the odds that Dusty cried when he gave Neifi! the news?
2006-08-20 16:36:04
3.   unmoderated
certainly the end of an era.

i couldn't figure out where to mut the exclamation mark.


2006-08-21 07:29:42
4.   Doug
The Cubs site states that Freddie Bynum is expected to be called up to fill the vacant roster spot.
2006-08-21 07:53:01
5.   chicagoburke
The remainder of this lost season has become infinately more watchable. I jumped for joy upon hearing the news...

I am now left to ponder the potential benefits to our rivals on the South Side, now that their primary competition is loosing runs every day they play the incomperable one...

2006-08-21 09:13:22
6.   operablogger
As one of your regular readers I've been missing your commentary .. and I knew that if anything could smoke you out, it would be THIS roster change. Guess you'll have to retire the (!) for now, eh?
2006-08-21 18:49:12
7.   das411
Did Lieber pitch this well when you guys still had him?
2006-08-22 04:59:59
8.   Dutch
From what I remember, Lieber was a decent guy to throw out there every fifth day...but in his last year with the Cubs, he was the victim of poor run support.
2006-08-22 10:13:41
9.   graciebarn

There's still Cesar!

2006-08-22 13:10:54
10.   Cliff Corcoran
I know that feeling . .

Derek Smart on Neifi Perez August 2006:

"That Perez was dealt at all is surprising enough, but that he brought back someone who could conceivably see time in the Majors within the next five years, and perhaps even be of some use, is nothing short of miraculous."

Cliff Corcoran on Tony Womack December 2005:

". . . as far as I'm concerned, it's a minor miracle. Not only have the Reds agreed to take Womack and his $2 million salary off the Yankees hands for 2006, but they've sent, not one, but two able-bodied young men back to the Bronx for the privilege. Were these kids ticket takers or pretzel vendors . . . it would have been a steal, but they can actually play baseball."

In other news, Enrique Wilson officially retired at the end of July. Will miracles never cease?

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