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2006-10-06 05:30
by Derek Smart

In keeping with my apparent theme this week of writing more at other sites than my own, I have a "postmortem" on the Cubs' season over at Beyond the Boxscore. Head on over, and see why "postmortem" is in scare quotes!

2006-10-06 07:34:30
1.   Doug
"nuttius zambronium"


No discussion of the "domus patella"? Did an intrascrotal hematoma cause all evidence of its existence to disappear entirely?

2006-10-08 14:46:52
2.   rynox
Brilliant. And amusing as always, except could you explain ridius pinium

I didn't understand that.

2006-10-08 20:58:47
3.   Pell Mell
"Opulens Hillensis" and "Novem Termino" would have had Juvenal himself rolling.

Keep up the good work...

2006-10-09 04:49:52
4.   Derek Smart
"ridius pinium" = riding the pine = bench

Too clever by half, I'd say. ;)

2006-10-13 02:23:07
5.   joejoejoe
"By the way, I don't know what this means, but there are exclamation points all over the place. That can't be good." Neifi! is batting second and playing SS for the Tigers since Sean Casey tweaked his hamstring. Jim Leyland knows talent when he sees it.
2006-10-13 11:05:54
6.   rynox
Why do managers love Neifi! so much? I think it has something to do with pheromones.
2006-10-13 19:31:14
7.   joejoejoe
6 Alas, Neifi! did not get the call tonight.

Tiger manager Jim Leyland went with the bat of Ramon Santiago at SS.

Ramon! is .227/.292/.299 in 276 career MLB games. Stout.

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