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Addition By Addition
2007-01-02 04:20
by Derek Smart

To say things have been slow around here for a number of months would be an understatement on par with declarations like "Kevin Federline is a source of annoyance," "doing taxes is often unpleasant," and "the 2006 Chicago Cubs were not a good baseball team."

Well, it's the new year, and while it's traditionally time to say you're going to fix something, I've actually gone and done something that I hope will put a little more skip in our collective step. I've asked Phil Bencomo, heretofore of Cubbiepalooza fame, to put his skills to work here at Cub Town, and thankfully for me, and for all of you, he has seen fit to accept.

What Phil brings, beyond mere quantity, is significant quality - if he didn't, I wouldn't have asked him aboard. If you're not familiar with his work, I think you'll be happy to have him, and if you are, well that's one less stop on your daily/hourly/non-stop internet troll.

If any of you are concerned about what will become of my contributions, you can stop your hand-wringing right this minute, Betsy. I'm not going anywhere, and hopefully, with some pressure to post removed, I'll be doing more and better work than I have of late.

This is pure addition, folks, no subtraction, so I hope you'll open your arms and your minds, and along with me, bid Phil a hearty Cub Town welcome!

2007-01-02 08:36:52
1.   Schteeve
Welcome aboard, Phil!
2007-01-04 15:16:27
2.   The Boar
Glad to have you, Phil. Look forward to reading your insights.

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