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Zambrano Wants Money; Sosa Wants A Home
2007-01-16 18:43
by Phil Bencomo

Carlos Zambrano is asking for $15.5 million in salary arbitration. The Cubs offered a *mere* $11.025 million. If the Cubs can sign Zambrano to a long-term deal at what is now a discount price of $15-16 million, they had better do so; his contractual demands are only going to increase on the free agent market next winter.

Meanwhile, former Cub Sammy Sosa is still trying to find a team to play for in '07, and the Rangers are interested. If Sosa's goal is to reach 600 home runs and beyond, a hitter-friendly AL park, like the Rangers' Ameriquest Field, is the place to go. After the resounding "No" issued by the BBWAA regarding Mark McGwire's candidacy, that may very well be his sole motive.

2007-01-16 20:39:09
1.   Sandus
Carlos Zambrano is worth every penny he asks for.
2007-01-17 08:51:32
2.   Chyll Will
1 There's a notion to get rid of pennies because they represent an archaic and impractical denomination. If they do, Zambrano's in big-big trouble.

By the way, is that what happened here with Brad?

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