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Yeah, Well, How Do You Think We Feel?
2007-02-05 18:15
by Phil Bencomo

Sports Illustrated ran an interview last week with Dusty Baker. Baker's best response by far was in regard to his new career as a broadcaster:

ESPN approached me and it was at a time when I was hurting pretty bad spiritually after last year's season. I thought about going underground like I always do, but my wife and dad said, "Son, you need to be around the game." That's the best way to heal.

A close second, however, was this gem, one we've all heard time and time again:

If we had the team we were supposed to have even without the additions [from this winter], we would have still been good. So it was a bad year in a lot of ways. But nobody wants to hear alibis or excuses.

That's right, sir, and least of all coming from you. If only you'd gone underground a few years earlier...

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