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To Benefactors Yet Unmet
2007-02-17 09:01
by Derek Smart

Being a Cub fan, one of my great pleasures over the years, and in particular during the formative period of my baseball fandom, was the first broadcast of the spring. Not just because it was finally time for the Great Game again, but also because, after a long Winter of silence, the voices of old friends - comrades made no less collegial by the dint of not having met them - made their easy way into my living room.

With all due respect to the current team behind the mic, no one has elicited that same depth of feeling for me recently - it's still there, of course, but with flagging intensity - and I was given a stark reminder of what I've been missing so, thanks to a fantastic long-form interview of Steve Stone on Baseball Prospectus Radio, performed by Baseball Toaster's own dearly departed Resident Big Shot, Will Carroll (take a listen here if you haven't already - 'tis free).

One of my saddest days as a Cub fan was when I learned that Stone would no longer be a part of the broadcast team, and while I've grown fond enough of the current crew, they simply don't belong in the same conversation. I don't think there's a single person on Earth - list any great name in baseball knowledge you care to - who has taught me as much about the game as Stone.

True, he's not a sabermatrician, and there's a lot that I've learned since my exposure to those concepts that I'd never have picked up otherwise, but the foundation that those ideas rest on was built by listening to Stone's wisdom, and that's an irreplacable gift. Thanks to this interview, I was reminded of that boon, and more importantly, after my deep, seasonal hibernation, I got to hear my old friend again.

2007-02-17 09:12:28
1.   Xeifrank
The Cubs have advanced to the semi-finals of the Simulation Madness tournament over at

The Cubs the 4th seed in the NL beat the Cardinals 4 games to 3 in the quarter finals and will now face the #2 seed in the NL the NY Mets. In the AL half of the bracket, the number three seeded Red Sox took out the Yankees and the Twins/Indians will play in the final quarter final matchup later today.

vr, Xei

2007-02-17 10:13:11
2.   dianagramr
I listened to the entire interview when it was first posted on the site, and left wondering ... "how is this guy not broadcasting ANYWHERE this season?"

His analysis of Kerry Wood was golden.
He was humorous, fair and smart.

I don't suppose Michael Kay or John Sterling could suddenly decide they would rather commune with nature than broadcast Yankee games?


2007-02-17 12:04:46
3.   Voxter
Yeah, ESPN scored a total coup by getting him last season, and then banished him to the radio for the playoffs and left those of us watching on television with the accursed Rick Sutcliffe. I often think that networks, when deciding who should be used as their alleged "experts", think to themselves, "Now, who would be understaded, knowledgeable, and pleasant to listen to? Now, who is that guy's polar opposite?"
2007-02-18 02:39:52
4.   Ken Arneson
Is it just me, or do Steve Stone and Michael Lewis have exactly the same voice?

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