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2007-03-12 03:00
by Phil Bencomo

I'm not a fantasy nut; I don't play in a dozen ultra-competitive, all-consuming leagues.

That being said, I do enjoy playing in a league or two each year.

So here's the deal: If you're interested in joining me and Derek in a league, shoot me an e-mail (phil.bencomo AT It'll be first-come, first-serve, but I will open a second league if there is enough demand. I'm thinking a total of 12-14 teams per league.

Once I've got all the participants set, I'll e-mail out league invites and the like. Unless the majority of you have serious objections, we'll be using Yahoo, 1) because it's free, and 2) I've had good experiences with it in the past.

A draft date will be determined once the participants are set.

As for stats, standard 5x5 rotisserie is fine with me. If you feel strongly about including a certain stat, please leave a comment, and I'll take it into consideration.

Questions? Feel free to ask in the comments.

2007-03-12 08:59:01
1.   Sandus
I've always had good experiences with Yahoo as well, but ESPN became free this year, and is superior in just about every way. I made the switch and still don't regret it.
2007-03-12 09:31:05
2.   Phil Bencomo
How so? I haven't created the league yet, so if you could elaborate and persuade me, I might switch...
2007-03-12 21:41:08
3.   Sandus
Live scoring, more stat categories, smoother interface, the ability to trade draft picks and have keepers among other things. It has everything that Yahoo has but with way more.
2007-03-12 21:44:57
4.   Sandus
Oh, and the ability to have multiple League Managers, which means you and Derek can share the load.

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