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Fun With Graphs: Coincidence?
2007-05-03 18:30
by Phil Bencomo

Or the warped workings of Something Greater?

Eyre's game logs.

* * * *

By the way, the record for such a streak (since 1957 anyway) among relievers is held jointly by Nelson Figueroa and Wilbur Wood, who both made appearances in a loss 41 consecutive times.

Yup, each man went nearly four years without so much as pitching in a win. I almost felt sorry, but then I remembered: I'm a Cubs fan. Figueroa ain't got nothin' on me.

Oh, and Eyre's streak, which began at the end of '06, was snapped at 12 after the Cubs won Wednesday.

2007-05-03 19:59:53
1.   Bob Timmermann
Those streaks by Figueroa and Wood don't look that long once you click on them.
2007-05-03 22:14:28
2.   sforman
The key is that they are only relief appearances. Figueroa's team lost all 41 of his relief appearances.
2007-05-04 00:06:17
3.   Humma Kavula
Hey, Nelson Figueroa is the best Major League baseball player ever to graduate from my alma mater.

Go Judges!

2007-05-04 10:33:09
4.   Tom
On some old baseball video game I had your "scout" would make comments about your players. One that stuck with me was, "This guy's development is pretty linear. The more you play him, the more you lose."

Scott Eyre. J'accuse!

2007-05-04 11:26:28
5.   Sandus
How does the graph look when you change it to "Lefties not named Cotts"? I'm guessing the angle goes up...
2007-05-04 11:34:40
6.   Phil Bencomo
2 That's right. But Wood does hold the record for just straight appearances, starting or in relief, with 42.

4 Hah!

5 Surprisingly, the Cubs are 5-6 in Ohman's appearances.

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