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2007-05-05 13:25
by Phil Bencomo

It was a long climb, but the Cubs have done it. And it sure feels good.

Feel free to discuss; I'll have more later.

2007-05-05 15:32:28
1.   Todd S
They've climbed out of the early hole. The top four spots in the rotation look pretty solid, and the offense is showing signs of life. I'm no longer worried about Lee's power. (His ISO is up over .200).

Of course, the long-time Cubs fan in me would be remiss if I didn't point out that this streak has come against the struggling Cardinals, the sub-.500 Pirates, and the worst team in the Major Leagues.

Still, getting back to even is really good. Keep it going, Cubbies!

2007-05-07 14:13:17
2.   Ivy Walls
Good signs: Cub starters w/o Miller 2.84 ERA 13-6. Only three inherented runners have scored; Dempster 2.12-ERA, Howry 2.82-ERA, Wuertz 1.82-ERA, Cotts 0.00-ERA, Ohman 4.00-ERA, Cherry 5.79-ERA, Eyre 11.42-ERA (although Eyre appears to be coming around)

Last 7 out of 8 games, Cubs have won 2 coming from behind, 4 wins in 2-run games, 1-1 in one run games. (5-1 close games) in that stretch.

Hitting is big with D-Lee, Soriano, Jones, Floyd, Theriot, Ramirez. OBP Lee-.496, Theriot-.382, Jones .366, Ramirez .351, DeRosa .347, Floyd .343, Murton .333 Soriano .330 (starting lineup could be .362) or reach base 10 times a game...

Cubs are scoring 7.4 runs in the 7 wins out 8 streak...holding teams to 3.4...(the loss a 2-3 game)

In the 13 losses before this stretch the Cubs offense averaged 3.15 while giving up 4.69 runs, the games they won they scored 6.07 runs, while giving up 1.57....

lot of turnaround all over. This continues and Cubs could be on a long streak, they are playing the Pirates who just lost 5 of 6 and then Phil who are not playing well this year.

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