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Maybe Ron Can Lend Me A Rug
2007-05-14 20:45
by Phil Bencomo

You see, there is frustration, and then there is Frustration. It's like the difference between trying to close the door of a too-stuffed closet, and watching a four-run lead dissipate at the cry of "Ball Four!"

They're both on the list of Things That Frustrate, but gosh darn it, for all the subtle torture of that closet door, whispering, if you listen closely, snide remarks about your very manhood, it's nowhere near the top of the list.

It's games like tonight's that find their way to the top, right alongside poor fundamental play and general incompetence. That game was just so winnable ... c'mon Michael ... just one strike ... please?

Sigh... Excuse me while I pull the rest of my hair out. Might as well finish the job.

2007-05-14 23:24:44
1.   Sandus
I didn't care that Reyes got on. I was fine with it. I even recall saying that it was fine if he stole two bases, because it was irrelevant. All you needed to do was get Endy Chavez.

Endy Chavez has 15 career home runs (none this year) in roughly 1700 at bats. Throw him a strike. Forget pitch outs, forget throw overs, forget nibbling. Give him a meatball, right down the center of the plate, and if he finds a spot of outfield grass, then congratulations, they deserve to win.

Also, when a guy throws 7 consecutive balls (not including the pitch out) to load the bases, why let him pitch to the most dangerous pure lefty on the team at all? I know you can't use Eyre because he's been nothing short of useless all year, but why not bring in Dempster?

Isn't that kind of situation exactly what closers are for? Let Dempster pitch to the other team's toughest hitters when the game is on the line. He's been the most consistent reliever thus far, and he's your go-to guy in the clutch. Sorry Lou, I think this time you made a mistake.

Also, Steve Stone had some great insight into Eyre and Howry's 2007 troubles during his show on the Score today. When they post it on, I'll be sure to link it.

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