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Cubs-Sox Thoughts, Random And Otherwise
2007-05-20 20:38
by Phil Bencomo
  • With the Cubs having taken two of three from the Sox, I know I shouldn't complain. But Carlos, when are you going to come around? He's averaging more than three walks per start, and his ERA is almost six! It's hard to believe this is the same guy who said he deserved Zito money this offseason. Wait, I take that back. Carlos probably still wants Zito money.
  • I'm really liking Alfonso Soriano in the middle of the order. This was something I strongly advocated for over the winter, as there is no doubt that Soriano would help create more runs hitting in one of the 3-4-5 spots. Plus, Ryan Theriot and his .364 OBP are far more suited to the leadoff spot than Soriano and his .333.
  • For all of the success of Ted Lilly and Jason Marquis, Jim Hendry's best offseason deal just may have been the resigning of Aramis Ramirez. He's avoided his usual slow start, and with 11 home runs is on pace for nearly 50. His seven hits in the series had much to do with the Cubs' success. And while Ramirez may never win a Gold Glove, his defense has become very respectable.
  • And about Lilly: Henceforth, an outing of at least seven innings in which three or fewer runs are allowed shall be know as a "Ted Lilly" – as in, "He threw another Ted Lilly" – because that's all Lilly ever seems to do.
  • I hate to say it, but, as I've long predicted, I think this will be the norm from Marquis. Stealing a line from Jon, it looks like Marquis' eyebrow-raising start to the year really was just something to be tweezed.
  • Ryan Dempster starting? Um, sorry Lou, that one's been tried already, and, well, there's a reason Dempster ended up in the bullpen.
  • Would it surprise me if Derrek Lee suddenly showed up at the ballpark with wings and a halo? Nope, not one bit.
  • The Cubs are off tomorrow, then begin a very tough stretch against San Diego (24-20), Los Angeles (25-19), Florida (21-23), Atlanta (26-18), Milwaukee (27-17) and then Atlanta again. Yeesh. If the Cubs come out of that over .500, I'll be beyond impressed.

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