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Cedeno Returns
2007-07-24 10:39
by Phil Bencomo

He's back:

The Cubs will promote shortstop Ronny Cedeno from Triple-A Iowa on Tuesday, and he's expected to be available for the opener of the three-game series in St. Louis.

Cedeno, who hit .097 in 14 games after starting the season with the Cubs, is leading the Pacific Coast League with a .360 average and has 10 home runs with 32 RBIs in 65 games at Iowa.

Oh, the memories, the cursed memories! His minor league numbers do little to cleanse my palate of that bitter 2006. And that season came after he batted over .350 for Iowa the year before. I suppose everybody deserves a second chance, but still ... .245/.271/.339 in over 500 at bats remains etched in my brain.

2007-07-25 08:25:39
1.   Todd S
Have some faith. Two changes this year: after the demotion, Cedeno had more walks than strikeouts in Iowa. Also, Piniella will encourage him to take walks, whereas Dusty did not.

I'm eager to see him this time around.

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